Springfree Pack Hiver Accessory

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Save 66€ with this accessory pack!


1.  Heading on vacation? We’ve got you covered! Our all-weather cover helps protect your trampoline when you’re not home. Perfect for seasonal property care, extreme weather care and long-term storage.

Setting up your cover is easy! Simply drop the net, place the net rods in the center of the mat and place the cover on the trampoline mat.

Total installation time is just 15 minutes.

To maintain your Springfree during winter months we suggest you clear away any accumulation of snow on the top of the cover with a soft bristled brush or broom.

- Compatible with G4 trampolines sold from approximately May 2015.


2.  The Springfree™ Trampoline Ground Anchor helps to safely and securely anchor your trampoline to the ground. Tested to withstand pull-out forces of approximately 900 N.

Four anchors positioned on either side will securely anchor the trampoline.

Each box includes four anchors (2 sets are required for model R132).


3.  The FlexrStep allows for easier entry onto the trampoline without introducing a hard surface to the jumping area. Comes with a lock to restrict unsupervised jumping.