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Springfree is the world's first and only Smart Trampoline™. Four sensors on the mat connect wirelessly via Bluetooth® to a tablet. Using the body as the controller, the sensors track movement creating an outdoor interactive Smart Play experience.
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Go Outside, Be Active


Get your family more active

Parents want to ensure their kids get outside and active. tgoma game system motivates your kids to jump more and play longer by providing high energy and educational games. tgomaFit, a fitness app for adults, tracks personal fitness goals, helping you jump into a healthier lifestyle.


Increase family time outside

Engaging together as a family at home is a challenge for parents. tgoma's games are designed to offer a fun physical workout for your entire family, which provides the opportunity to engage in interactive play with your kids, increasing quality family time in the backyard.


Education through active play

Providing learning opportunities at home for your kids is important. tgoma offers a collection of educational games that teach math, language, problem solving and trivia to make learning fun for your kids through active play.

Jump with Us

tgoma allows jumpers to track their jumps and calories burned. Discover how active our community is worldwide!

Global Jumps Counter:

Global Calories Counter:

Why Families Love tgoma

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Why parents love tgoma "You can bring the tablet outside and not fight that battle...take it inside to outside."

Kyrstal Hurst
Dallas, USA


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Why kids love tgoma "I can come outside after school and be active and still have fun!"

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Why dads love tgoma "It's exciting! They weren't just inside around the television, they were outside having some fun getting exercise."

Thompson Family
Dallas, USA
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What changed my mind about tgoma "My pre-concieved ideas were blown out of the water. I’ve never seen my son so attracted to Maths the way he was with Math Hopper."

Kylie Wissel
Christchurch, NZ

Games & Apps

tgoma games and apps are designed to get families outside and active, spending more quality time in the backyard. Our collection of high-energy games will get everyone jumping more and playing longer!
  • quizzle
  • math-hopper
  • tgoma fit
  • repeat-street
  • ditto
  • whatzat
  • 2048
  • alien-stomp
  • fruitants
  • ambit
  • mars-defender
  • pop
  • snake
  • stickers
  • freebounce
tgoma makes education fun! Studies show that kids learn through play. tgoma offers a collection of educational games that teach math, language, problem solving and trivia, promoting learning at home through fun activities that strengthen coordination and creative thinking.
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  • Website Icons Repeat
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NASA researchers found that 10 mins of jumping is a workout equivalent to a 30 min run! tgomaFit was created by a world-class trampoline coach and personal trainer, providing the ultimate fitness workout in your own backyard.
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  • Website Icons Freebounce

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tgoma isn't just about playing games! tgoma allows your family to set personal fitness goals, track your physical activity, participate in worldwide events and much more.

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What sort of trampoline is needed?
tgoma is only available on new Springfree Trampolines. Browse all trampoline models here.
What is the tgoma system?
Your tgoma game system will come complete with: a controller unit with mounting plate (to secure it to your Springfree), Battery Pack (4 x AA batteries requried), Sensor & Cable Sets, Tablet Holder with Sunshade. As well as an Installation Manual. Please note: You will have everything you need, except for the tablet and 4 x AA batteries.
Here are some commonly asked questions. For further help contact our Support Team